Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Get The Lead Out! Men, Health and Passion

About three years ago I started experiencing strange physical symptoms: intermittent headaches, neck aches and nausea, sometime sore feet and hands. If I’d been a V8, I felt as though I was running on 6 cylinders.
The occasional luxurious nap was becoming mandatory to get through the day. Of course, it’s pretty easy for the mind to drift into worst-case scenarios. What was up with this?

As an otherwise healthy guy interested in fitness, activity, healthy diet, emotional and spiritual well being, I began a quest to discover the source of this malaise. I went to my dentist, my chiropractor, a holistic healer and eventually ended up at a clinic begun by a cardiologist whose practice had taken him to an area of medicine one might not generally associate with an MD. Through some tests I discovered I had what were considered toxic levels of mercury, lead and cadmium that were said to be affecting my thyroid’s optimal functioning. I was surprised to learn that everyone is born with half their mercury load unwillingly delivered by their mother. That meant it might take awhile for the other half to build up to a toxic level and then eventually into symptoms—some of which might mimic symptoms associated with other diseases.

Before these tests, thanks to Janet Bray Attwood, co-author of the best-selling book, The Passion Test, I was introduced to a team under the supervision of a chiropractor using advanced technology that assesses metabolic function. One of the tests I opted for is called “live blood analysis,” wherein a blood sample is put on a slide and viewed on a monitor. WOAH! I was amazed at what showed up. It was a veritable zoo of critters moving around and interacting with one another. Hard to tell if they were making love or war! Critical for me was the discovery of some clumping of red blood cells that made it more challenging for optimal blood circulation. Among other things, I was advised to participate in activities that turned fat to muscle. So, it was back to the gym for me after a somewhat lengthy hiatus.

Along with an hour or two of weight lifting a week combined with my already well formed and enjoyable habit of walking or bike riding, I began a course of treatment that included some light digestive cleansing and vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements that assist in the gathering and elimination of the heavy meals. Key to this program is perspiring every day to help flush out the metals. I’d decided against the IV’s that speed the process and have declined to use an infra-red sauna, both offered by the clinic. This was my experiment after all.

My chronic headaches became a thing of the past and the other symptoms have subsided as well. I’m pretty much back on all cylinders though I still feel there is room for improvement. And it’s time to go test my metal levels for that objective measure of progress. My doc at the clinic says most people that come to the clinic have toxic levels of these metals. Not a big surprise in a world of better living through chemistry where we receive repeated exposure to hundreds of compounds, most of which have names we can’t pronounce, and most of them containing elements better left out of our food, air, and water. Really, it’s a wonder many of us are functioning as well as we are.

You’ve probably gathered that health is in my top five passions. In other words, I enjoy reading about, learning about, and then experimenting with what I’ve learned. Actually, when I take The Passion Test, the way I state it is, “my life is ideal when I am enjoying vibrant health and abundant energy.” It’s not in everyone’s top five and it does not have to be. Still, people do need to realize it’s easier to enjoy what you are most passionate about when you’re healthy. And that does require some attention.
If health is a passion for you and you want to be part of an amazing event in person or online, the upcoming annual Passionate Life Summit in San Diego, CA September 21-23 may be for you. This year’s theme is Awaken the Healer Within. More than a half dozen world-acclaimed healers and practitioners will be presenting their methods, results, and services.
I’ll be there and I’d love to see you!

Find out more:  http://www.thepassiontest.com/af.htm?w=plsummit&p=karinlubin
For more info on the metabolic assessment I spoke of you can go to Reflective Health http://www.reflectivehealth.com/  (Just so you know, no kick backs for me on this, just turning you on to great folks and service.)
Here’s a four-minute YouTube with my doctor introducing his work and holistic perspective. He has lengthier YouTubes, as well. I love that he emphasizes how much rest is overlooked in our vibrant health these days. I do still take naps! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osv7khmdjfQ

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful message and real life story- these days we call it a blog but story still sounds so much better to me.
    It is interesting and as you said many people will unknowingly have a less than optimally functioning thyroid, and not know it.
    Regular exercise is of course so important for us all. In the world of Yoga one of the great benefits of several poses such as shoulderstand is the
    improved functioning of the thyroid and parathyroid glands through the increased supply of blood to them.The chin is locked in this pose.

    This pose requires the guidance of Teacher and should only be practiced with a teachers approval as injury can occur without adequate yoga training and conditioning in this the Queen of all poses.

    You mentioned your top 5, I did mine again recently and number 1 came out as

    "My life is ideal when I am in perfect health and I remember and give thanks for my eternal loving connection to source energy."

    Thanks again mate!

    Rod Steele, Passion Test facilitator, Melbourne, Australia


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